Management Team

 Tom Roca - Chief Executive Officer

Tom Roca is holding an Engineering degree in Mechatronics (Tri-national studies in France, Germany and Switzerland)  and a Master in Automation & Industrial IT. He started his career in process automation for the pharmaceutical industry and was active in several countries in Europe. Throughout Siemens, Roche and Endress&Hauser, he gained experience in several engineering areas.

In 2006, Tom Roca joined Sauter AG in Basel, Switzerland. As head of software development he is driving the growing business with IT Software Solutions in Building Automation. His focus is on the development of innovative IT software solutions for building and energy management.

 Alexandre Amatori - Director of Product Management

Alexandre Amatori, 48  years, is holding a Master in Information Technology. 

After receiving his University diploma in automation, he starts his carrier working in electronics and automation.  Very quickly, he switches to the hardware IT branch. Gaining experiences and  interested in new challenges, he  joined a company involved in technical and scientific development.

In 1993, he joined the international group Clemessy. First assigned to test bench commissioning, he rose through the ranks , responsible for electric/electronic  functions,  for PLC functions and project leading .
In 2001, he went back to university to obtain a master in IT.

Since 2006, he has been working for SAUTER. Working on the SAUTER legacy software for management solutions as a product manager, he maintains, supports  and develops those products to keep them up to date and corresponding to high level of quality of all SAUTER products. Promoted in 2011 at the head of product manager department for management solutions,  he continues his work on the new generation of global building management software: Vision Center.

Responsible of the definition of the product , he acts as a technical mediator between the market expectations, the  major  IT trends and  development costs and delivery times.

 Patrick Mercier - Director of Development & Integration

Patrick Mercier, 49 years, graduated in « Robotic » by the « Université de Haute-Alsace » and in “Measurement and industrial control”  by the “Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers” as a part-time Degree during his Career. 

In 1985, Patrick Mercier joined Sauter in its French subsidiary, as a member of the “Research and Development” department he first worked on embedded systems development and quickly focused on small supervisor based on PC and Palmtop, which will lead to the rise of three product families : LZP, PCN and LS/LS+.

Patrick Mercier joined the Sauter Headquarter in Basle in 1993 as a Project leader and developed the first network SCADA of the Sauter portfolio, the Provi + network product.

With the introduction of new family of Automation stations in 1997, Patrick Mercier develops still as a Project Leader successively two new applications, novaPro32 and in partnership with French Company Elutions Europe novaPro Open. 

Concurrently to those products, SAUTER being very sensitive to the environmental problem and energy savings, Patrick Mercier  develops in 2003 the first Energy Management System of the Sauter company, the EBal Product.

Starting in 2008 he is allocated the new task of defining the System of future, fusion of a SCADA and an Energy Management System, based on a new technology, which will lead in 2010 to the merge of Critical’s and Sauter’s knowledge into Verticalla’s flagship product Vision Center.

 Benjamim Cardoso - Director of Delivery

Benjamim Cardoso worked as a developer while studying Computer Engineering (Institute of Engineering of Coimbra), later becoming an IT trainer

A Project Manager for ten years, Benjamim joined CRITICAL Software almost three years ago, applying his talents across different domains including mobility, energy, retail and government. Joining Verticalla in 2014, he became responsible for ensuring that Vision Center maintains its high level of customer satisfaction.

 Nuno Sousa - Chief Architect

Nuno Emanuel Sousa, 33 years, graduated in Computer Engineering by the Institute of Engineering of Porto (ISEP) is since 2010 Technical Manager of building management and energy efficiency systems

For the last 2 years Nuno has headed the product development team.

Nuno Emanuel Sousa joined Critical Software in 2006 and has participated in projects within the manufacturing, semi-conductor and energy markets, combining this with several years of experience in industrial automation. He has participated in all stages of software development from requirement analysis to architectural design and implementation for customers such as Soporcel and Infineon Technologies.