Benefits to boost your performance

  • Centralised monitoring and control of your facility reduces service costs while providing additional service efficiency thanks to an advanced user interface: service technicians can use their PDAs, tablets and laptops to access faulty equipment to diagnose causes, and remotely deliver a solution. This includes initiating service calls and guided intervention through the advanced graphical screens.
  • The historical information repository helps to trace and monitor performance of third party service providers.
  • The real-time monitoring and control function offers proactive services for informed decision-making.
  • The centralised information gives you a holistic view about facility sub-systems and their combined interaction, supporting enhanced performance.
  • The facilities fault management structure is rigidly controlled and traced to support a continuous streamlining of processes.
  • Vision Center is an open system, leveraging integration of heterogeneous assets, thanks to international standards (BACnet, OPC UA and various protocols), meaning no increase in capital expenditures to replace those assets.
  • Energy usages are closely monitored and controlled to reduce consumption and optimise utility contracts, covering: refrigeration; HVAC; lighting; and all other energy related usages for electricity, gas, district heating and water.
  • Both security of user access and traceability of changes are diligently controlled according to FDA requirements.