Managed Services

Verticalla's Managed Services provides asset and energy data on an industry normalised platform. This allows users of various levels and departments to access the relevent summary information through real-time dashboards and reports. The normalisation of information allows fast, simple scaling aligned with industry and corporate standards, while the system notifies of deviation and corrective actions in the process.

Managed Energy Services offers accelerated identification and qualification of Energy Conservation Measures, thanks to automated monitoring of consumption trend, equipment performance and benchmarking. This results in quick payback and creation of high value for your business shareholders.

These services include:

  • Audits and energy usages by our smart building experts
  • Measurement and verification baseline of facility consumptions
  • Reporting on operational cost saving opportunities:
    • Optimisation of settings, equipment parameters, implementation and control of best practices
    • Fast ROI implementation of simple control equipment or complementary equipment, e.g. timers or door covers on refrigerated cabinets*
    • Select equipment replacement based upon ROI, including LED based lighting, more efficient refrigeration cabinets or production systems*
  • Benchmarking between sites and international standards
  • Deployment of data access technologies to multiple sites across the world, covering: installation; commissioning; project management; specific assets; and systems integration
  • Continuous analysis and delivery of energy conservation measures through automated reports and expert surveillance 

*Subject to additional investment